Our goal? Design and code awesome apps and sell them at the lowest price possible, for Mac OS X and iOS. And then bite them.

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Some of our bitten applications

  • Money Owed

    Money Owed

    Awesome money management app for keeping track of money you owe or others owe you.

  • PDF Split & Merge

    PDF Split & Merge

    PDF Split & Merge is your one-stop app for all your PDF needs!

  • Port Mapper

    Port Mapper

    Hate port forwarding? Not anymore. Your problems are now gone, for good!

  • AlarmTunes


    Ever wanted to make your Mac an alarm, and wake up to your favourite tunes? Now you can.

  • PartyTunes


    Your new party DJ. Let the guests choose what's coming up next. Now on a Mac near you.

  • Imaging Apps

    Imaging Apps

    Three different imaging applications for all your image needs!